ORIENSI is an ‘Oud’ (lute) player and composer, born on november 20, 1987, in Sousse, a beautiful seaside town in Tunisia. He is also a doctor and he finds that medicine is also an art and a source of noble sensations and unique inspiration.

      His compositions are the expression of his heartfelt emotions, the sound of his infinite dreams and a consistent search for creativity and innovation, fusing his traditional roots and other genres of music…

      ORIENSI inherited the love of music from his father who is also a doctor and musician. He has fallen in love with the sound of music played by his father who offered him his first own little ‘Oud’ at the age of 3. This traditional Middle-eastern lute had soon become his best friend and the source of his dreams.

      ORIENSI had studied this instrument at the conservatory of music and become precociously one of the best ‘Oud’ players in his country. He participated in the ‘Tunisian Music Festival’ at the age of 19 with many Tunisian stars and was the youngest composer in the history of this most famous festival in Tunisia. He composed for many well-known singers both in Tunisia and in Lebanon and set up his own recording studio which he labelled ‘SOUND FEELING’.

      Despite his young age, ORIENSI has performed at numerous concerts with many ensembles and represented his country, Tunisia, in many festivals all over the world: Germany, France, Russia, Italy… He played with orchestras in France and Germany, fusing the sound of his traditional roots with the charms of classical music.  »… I was and still am an admirer of the tradition and history of Europe… », he says. His travels were opportunities to discover new sensations and express them in his compositions. 

" I am a dreamer ! And my utopia is to provide people a beautiful illusion listening to my music..." .

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2018          Jazz Oud / Best of

2018          Lost

2017          Travel with Love & Music

2015          My Way – Unterwegs

2014          Away we go

2013          Mysterious Desire

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